The Trip O’er the Mountain

From the book ‘Joe Holmes: Here I am amongst you‘ by Len Graham


MELODY and Harmony 1

MELODY and Harmony 2

ALL parts



One night as the moon did illumine the sky
When I first took a notion to marry
I drew to my stick and away I did strike
You’d have thought I had been in a hurry
When I came to that bend where I oft times had been
My heart took a leap when my charmer I’d seen
I lifted the latch and I bid her ‘Good e’en,
Will you venture with me o’er the mountain’

‘What notion is this has come into your head?
I’m glad for to see you so merry
It is twelve by the clock, I should be in my bed
Speak low or me mammy will hear you’
‘I’m using no magic, no scheme nor no spell
I’ve a true honest heart and I love you right well
And if you refuse me, I bid my farewell
I’ll retrace my steps o’er the mountain

‘If I was to make an elopement with you
I might be attended by danger
My company would titter and sensory me too
My parents would frown and would wonder’
‘Just let them titter and sensory away
Consult with yourself for it’s drawing near day
I don’t care a fig what the whole of them say
If I once had you o’er the mountain’

‘Oh then you’re in earnest’ he said with a smile
‘Kind providence be my director
I’d love in my bosom I ne’er will deny’
Though the sentence it seemed to affect her
Between fiddling and dancing we spent the whole day
The fear of marriage it soon fades away
And often times to my darling I say
‘You’ll not rue going o’er the mountain’

The moon was advancing and sunk in the west
And the morning star shining so clearly
And we did proceed our journey in haste\
And we joined at the alter of Hymen
With peace and contentment we spent the long day
The anger of marriage will soon go away
Oh oft times I sat when I’ve little to say
Of the trip we took o’er the mountain.