The Next Market Day

We got this song from the book: Songs of the County Down by Jackie Boyce. He collected The Next Market Day from his father. I have come across versions of this song elsewhere in Britain; it was published as a broadside ballad in 17th century England, although it has been firmly adopted by singers here in County Down.



HARMONY (Chorus)




Choir singing (17th October 2016)


Choir singing (7th November 2016)




A maid going to Comber, her markets to learn
To sell for her mammy three hanks of fine yarn
She met with young man along the highway
Which caused this young damsel to dally and stray

Come sit down beside me, I’ll do you no harm
Come sit down beside me, a new song to learn
Here is three guineas your mammy to pay

And leave-by your yarn ’til the next market day

She sat down beside him, the grass it was green
Her face was the fairest that ever you’d seen
The light in her eyes would lead angels astray
I could sit by her side ’til the next market day

The maid she went homeward she went to her bed
The words of her new song still rang in her head
I’ll search ’til I find him, by land or by sea [=say]
’Til I learn the new song called ‘The Next Market Day’

Arrangement by Brona McVittie